Cryomech Cryomech
A recognized leader in design and manufacturing of the following products: GM and Pulse Tube Cryocoolers, Liquid Helium Plants and Reliquefiers, Helium Recovery Systems, Liquid Nitrogen Plants, Cold Helium Circulation Systems
Edwards Vacuum Edwards Vacuum
Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement systems and related value-added services.
Design Research Optics
Design Research Optics is a leading manufacturer of high-performance CO2 laser optics for Industrial, Medical ...
Benchtop Plasma Instruments
Our low cost, benchtop plasma cleaners may be employed for nanoscale surface cleaning and activation, ...
“Observer” Multi Gas Detector: Reliable and well proven.
The Observer range gas detectors have become the standard safety solutions for many production facilities ...
The Ultimate in Velocity Measurement
Formerly available only at a few National Laboratories and known as a “VISAR,” this technology ...
Microwave Solid State Amplifiers
Some Very Powerful Reasons To Consider Our Full Line Of Microwave “S” & “T” Series ...
MM-3CRB, Manual MicroMini™ Stage
Features: * Low cost * Low profile * Anti-backlash * Ultra-lightweight * Thru-aperture slider * ...
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