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For over 57 years KLINGER has been a leading supplier of quality scientific laboratory equipment and apparatus for physics education. The company was founded in New York in 1955 by Dr. J. Klinger, a very talented and innovative physics professor who designed and constructed his own apparatus and experiments to teach and inspire students in what he felt was the most important branch of science, physics. Dr. J. Klinger realized that knowledge of physics, even on the most basic level would make a student perform better at whatever profession he or she chose. The probability is high that a glance around any college physics lab across the US will reveal a reliable piece of apparatus or crystal model acquired from KLINGER. Our products are manufactured to last. Their quality and durability are the most effective advertising for our company. The performance of our equipment and apparatus, and our commitment to customer service is the best confirmation of our fine reputation in the physics and scientific apparatus industry. In addition to products of our own manufacture, KLINGER distributes and services products for experiments in physics manufactured by LEYBOLD/LD. We are the exclusive LEYBOLD/ LD representative in the US and Canada. Our MissionAt KLINGER our mission remains secured to the company's foundation. It is to make available physics apparatus of superior quality and high-reliability for high schools, colleges, and universities. Our products are selected, manufactured and designed to accommodate use by students, as well as provide instructors and lab technicians with experiments that ensure dramatic demonstrations and laboratory longevity. This is the KLINGER philosophy. Commitment to Customer ServiceAlthough we are considered a small company by comparison to competitors in the field our attention and reputation for customer service and satisfaction is one of the strongest in the industry.