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Princeton Instruments is the proven choice for high-performance CCD, ICCD, EMCCD, emICCD, InGaAs cameras; spectroscopy, and optical coating solutions for demanding research and industrial applications, with decades of experience helping scientists solve challenging problems. Many of our cameras are now available with PIs exclusive eXcelon technology, providing enhanced sensitivity, reduced etaloning and lower dark current.

Princeton Instruments - combined with Acton Research, designer and manufacturer of world renown monochromators and spectrographs as well as high-performance optical coatings - is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance light detection systems for spectroscopy, imaging and X-ray applications. Princeton Instruments has shaped the "state of the art" in CCD, EMCCD, and ICCD camera technologies since the early 1980s.

Princeton Instruments' key innovations include a first-in-the-industry spectroscopy camera which included a photodiode array (and later, the first to use a CCD), as well as the first high-performance, gated, intensified CCD camera. In addition to breaking new ground in the field of spectroscopy over the years, we have designed CCD cameras with the highest sensitivity available for scientific imaging applications (~2 e- rms read noise with QE >90%). And for high speed, low-light applications, we offer our no-compromise EMCCD cameras.