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M,F&A designs and builds complete All Fiber Doppler Velocity Interferometer Systems, an improved VISAR that needs no alignment of the interferometer, in full quadrature, push-pull configuration for unambiguous analysis even with dynamically changing background light and a co-axially fiber coupled visible laser source for ease in target spotting. Other products include ultra-fast photodetector modules and differential optical receivers; tunable high purity laser systems, standard, microscopic, telescopic and inexpensive expendable experimental probes, vacuum feed throughs, and other advanced electro-optical modules to customer specifications. We specialize in Research, Development, and Consulting in Optoelectronics, Simulations and Game Theory, and Physics.

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The Ultimate in Velocity Measurement

The Ultimate in Velocity Measurement

Formerly available only at a few National Laboratories and known as a “VISAR,” this technology is now affordable and maintainable by small private companies and universities. There are now well over thirty M,F&A FDVI systems in operation around the world in Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Israel and the USA.

The latest Mark IV-3000 includes an EDFA to amplify the Doppler shifted light reflected from your moving surface so that saturation level signals can be obtained from surfaces with reflectivities as low as 0.1%. And this can be done with laser power levels on your target surface of only 5mW. The ultra-narrow linewidth of this new 5mW source laser allows resolution of velocity changes as small as 0.03 meters/second. The optical signals from the interferometer are in full quadrature push-pull ( i.e., +sin, -sin, +cos, -cos) for unambiguous resolution of velocity in either direction and for immunity to background light. These optical signals are converted to electronic with our award winning Series G 10 GHz photodetector modules for sub-nanosecond time resolution.

Other features include a visible red laser coupled into the system for ease in focusing on your target, front panel Power, Balance and Quadrature controls, an electronic Ramp generator to sweep the source laser wavelength, simulating Doppler shift, a state of the art NiMH battery and charging system for complete immunity to power line noise and packaging in a 1U rack mount chassis.

Complete Specifications and Application Details are available on our website:, as well as Specifications and Ordering information for our Ultra-Fast Fiber-Coupled Photodetector Modules.
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