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Cryomech is a recognized leader in new cryorefrigerator (cryocooler) design and manufacturing. We developed and produced the worlds first 4K Pulse Tube Cryorefrigerator (PTR). We also manufacture the largest variety of single stage Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryorefrigerators available anywhere.

Our goal is to develop and manufacture today the Cryorefrigerators required for the applications of tomorrow.

Founded in 1963 and based on the principles of providing the highest quality and service by Professor William E. Gifford, current CEO Peter E. Gifford and the rest of the Cryomech teams goal is to develop and manufacture advanced cryorefrigerator solutions for new and existing applications as required by you, our customer.

Based at our world headquarters in Syracuse , New York , our ?cryo-team? is relentless in their pursuit of our customers success. Through continual innovation, improvement of our technical expertise and our pin-point focus on product quality and reliability we consistently exceed our customers expectations.

From the detail-conscious attention of our skilled engineers and machinists to the rigorous testing by our technicians, each unit receives the attention-to-detail necessary to ensure consistent, optimal performance. Members of the cryo-team have a combined cryogenics knowledge base in excess of 120 years knowledge that is available to you.

Utilizing Cryomech equipment for your applications that require cryogenic temperatures (2.5K to 120K) has several distinct advantages:

* We offer the largest variety and sizes of both Pulse Tube and Gifford-McMahon Cycle cryorefrigerators available anywhere
* Our Portable Liquid Nitrogen Plants will produce LN2 literally anywhere on the planet
* Our Compressor Packages are both compact and dependable: hook them up and turn them on
* We have the technical and manufacturing know-how to build custom Cryostats for all applications
* Our personal application assistance and ongoing support is second to none
* We are customer focused you will find that we work hard to make it easy for you and your organization to do business with us

Custom applications are our specialty. Our engineering team is ready to discuss your application to help you meet your needs.
We are focused on the future and the future looks great! Cryomech is prepared to meet the challenges created by the latest scientific research and emerging technologies. Following our passion to exceed each customers expectations and maintaining our motivated workforce focused on promoting the ? Cryomech Way ?, we will continue to emphasize the highest levels of quality, service and technological leadership possible to provide the best solutions possible.